Mercy Mondays

Joshua Smyser-DeLeon

Joshua Smyser-DeLeon is Coordinator of Youth Ministry Vicariate II for the Office for Catechesis and Youth Ministry.

  1. Three Ways I Forgot About Mercy

    By Joshua Smyser-DeLeon | Monday, March 21, 2016

    I always mess my life up. At least…that’s what I tell myself when I pour myself a full bowl of cereal in the morning only to realize later on that I’m out of milk. As dramatic as that sounds, that thought does go a bit deeper than my humble attempt at humor may suggest. The stability of my life always takes a stiff hit to the jaw whenever I deny relationship with the one I should be closest to: Jesus Christ. In Christ, we are given many gifts. One huge gift in particular is being renewed by God’s mercy. Pope Francis describes God’s mercy as “an abyss beyond our comprehension.”1  Just reading that quote sends chills throughout my body. I regularly ask myself how can we be asked to entrust ourselves to God’s mercy, but not be able to fully understand it? Below, you will find stories of my attempts at understanding God’s mercy.