Mercy Mondays

Sharing What Is Best In My Life With Others?

By Patricia Malinowski | Monday, September 26, 2016

While parents are settling their children back at school this month, the topic of education, learning, and knowledge move front and center. This time of year calls to mind one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy, Instruct the Ignorant.

You might ask, “Okay, who are the ignorant?” Actually the word ignorant refers to anyone who lacks knowledge, education, instruction, and even wisdom. We all lack knowledge at different times of our lives. Do we ever really know everything?

Instruct the Ignorant invites us to reflect on our faith knowledge and how we may impart this knowledge to others. Reflective questions that may initiate some serious thought include: Do I really know my faith? Is it time for a refresher on Catholicism? Am I ready to share my faith in a catechetical setting? How do I share my faith stories and knowledge with my family and friends? Is this faith sharing calling me to evangelize?

We all have knowledge to share. All of us innately want to share what we know. We often spontaneously share the stories of our lives with others, but do we share what is best in our lives – our faith and our loving God?

We talk about our children, our elderly parents, sports, our favorite recipes, or other interests to get to know one another. We have a natural drive to learn about others and share ourselves with them. This drive is exactly what calls us to know our faith more intimately so that we can share our faith with confidence. Our human search for fulfillment and connection is incomplete without God. Without God, we will have a nagging feeling of emptiness. When we are willing to be vulnerable with others we will enter into sharing our knowledge of God and our Catholic faith.

This knowledge of our faith calls each us to know and invite a more intimate relationship with Jesus, our Church, and fellow sisters and brothers. The aim of knowledge reaches fruition when we are in right relationship with God and others. When we know God, and our vocation in life, we tend to take on the walk of discipleship which calls for ongoing knowledge of God and our faith. To know someone is to enter into their lives fully and completely. How are we fulfilling the Spiritual Work of Mercy to Instruct the Ignorant?

Mercy Challenge

You have been asked to talk, “share what is best in your life with others.” Reflect on your lived experience of faith and family. How will you formulate these ideas to help others to know God? What faith stories do you want to share?

What will you share with your children, grandchildren, friends, and family members? How are you modeling the teachings of Jesus in your life so that others may know Jesus through you?

Patricia Malinowski is the Senior Coordinator for Catechetical Ministry.